Séminaire en ligne en l’honneur de Hugh Hornby (1969-2021) – sur les jeux de balle traditionnels en Angleterre et en Ecosse – le jeudi 31 mars 2022 à 15h (heure de Paris)

“Hugh Hornby, who has died aged 51 from pneumonia, was a crown green bowler, museum curator, historian, author and authority on mass participation football games. Hugh Hornby wrote a book called “Uppies and Downies” (2008). It is a study of surviving traditional football games played in 15 locations from Cornwall to Shetland. Not content with archival research, he competed in each of the games in the book, sleeping in his battered old Ford Focus when necessary. A high point was “hailing”, or scoring, at Jedburgh’s Ba’ game (involving crowds of people and a small leather ball) in 2010, just six weeks after shattering his elbow. Thereafter he played in folk football games in France and Italy, where he gained wide respect as an authority on them.” (adapted from Hugh’s obituary written by Simon Inglis in “The Guardian”, April 15th 2021)


1. Laurent S. Fournier (LAPCOS UPR 7278, Université Côte d’Azur, Nice): Introduction: The Rules of the Ba’ in Great Britain and France

2. Emily Lyle (University of Edinburgh):The Melrose Marriage Ball and its Myth and Ritual Contexts in a Dualistic Cosmos

3. Neill Martin (University of Edinburgh): Who is Up and Who is Down? The Alien Eye on the Jedburgh Hand Ba’

4. John Messner (Riverside Museum, Glasgow): Maintaining an Ancient and Popular Custom: An Exploration of the 1922 Jedburgh Hand Ba’ Games


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